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The President's Words (Michel COCQUEEL 2004)  

My first words are intended to that great team which surrounds me, made of diverse competences, making the most wonderful medley, and to the spirit and atmosphere which reign there and without which few things would be possible.


   Thank you very much to every one of them.
 Thus, two commissions have just been created:
  One for Internet (a new way opens to us).
  The other for the museum to be.

That shows how the association “Erquinghem-Lys and its history” is ambitious and I am optimistic as for the results.

The local history, on one account or another must interest the inhabitants of Erquinghem. It is our memory duty.

It is for that reason that I appeal to everyone. I am certain that, at home, in the attic, but also in the memory, there are treasures we must exploit.

I must specify that if it is your wish, you remain in control of your step and that all these treasures will be given back.

It will be my pleasure to meet all these passionate people.

The Président
June, 4th 2004

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